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  1. Free Joomla templates from Gizdoo.com (0/3292) / 0
    Here we announce our free joomla templates now available for download. You can check it at our download section. Don't forget to register first to access our download section. Recommended Gmagzz template: we designed Gmagzz especially for online news magazine portal. All free Joomla skins come with PSD file for further customization. Just download and enjoy!
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  2. Free quality Joomla templates from Iboldesign.com (0/2559) / 0
    A lot of excellent free Joomla themes ready for download: 2cool, Bahagia, Baladibol, BlackBox, Blueblack, Brown template, Brownkick, Cleanit, Dabronze, Darkgreen, Deportal, Diagonal, Ellipse, eMagazine, FreshGreen, FreshGreenV2, FunkyMonkey, Gladibol Template, GreanLeaves, Gutana, HigherPalace, ModernPortal, Oreno, PinkBlog, and more.
    [A broken link]

  3. 21 free Joomla templates from DezineDepot.com (0/1582) / 0
    DezineDepot.com offers 21 beautiful templates for Joomla.
    [A broken link]

  4. Polish website Templatki.com offers free Joomla skins (0/1553) / 0
    You have to be registered before download free Joomla templates from Templatki.com
    [A broken link]

  5. Osskins.com - 10 free templates for Joomla. (0/1389) / 0
    Small collection of free Joomla templates is available after registration. You can also buy commercial paid templates.
    [A broken link]

  6. 13 free Joomla templates from ty2u.com (0/1375) / 0
    Simply use these 13 free templates from ty2u.com
    [A broken link]

  7. 100 free Joomla templates from JoomlaTurkiye.org (0/1355) / 0
    Find around 100 free Joomla templates at JoomlaTurkiye.org. Preview is available.
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  8. Free Joomla skins from JoomlActive.com (0/1258) / 0
    JoomlActive.com offers free and paid templates from Joomla.
    [A broken link]

  9. Joomlaos.de - free templates for Joompa and Mambo (0/1202) / 0
    A lot of nice-looking free Joomla templates from Joomlaos.de
    [A broken link]

  10. FreeMambo.com - around 300 free Mambo templates (0/1182) / 0
    Templates for Mambo is compatible to Joomla, so you can use those 300 free Mambo themes.
    [A broken link]

  11. ExSkin.com - Free Joomla templates (0/1125) / 0
    ExSkin.com offers around 30 free Joomla templates.
    [A broken link]

  12. Free Joomla templates from JoomlaResource.com (0/1111) / 0
    JoomlaResource.com gives access to 168 free Joomla templates with preview option.
    [A broken link]

  13. Gratis templates for Joomla from JoomlaHacks.com (0/1093) / 0
    Great gallery of free for download Joomla templates.
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  14. Joomlaya.Com - free Joomla templates (0/1046) / 0
    Excellent collection of more than 500 free Joomla templates with preview.
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  15. Free Joomla templates from JoomlasHack.com (0/1041) / 0
    JoomlasHack.com perfectly looking free and paid templates for Joomla
    [A broken link]

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