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  1. Free phpBB3 styles (0/3084) / 0
    Get all the latest phpBB3 styles, phpBB3 templates and phpBB3 skin from this page - currently we have over 300 phpBB3 styles to choose from and more styles are being added all the time
    [A broken link]

  2. Free phpBB Skins from Themebot.com (0/2758) / 0
    Find a free phpBB style for your forum: Dark Grunge, ZombiePhil Standard, Neon PHPbb, Guild Wars Alliance, FWS Black and more.
    [A broken link]

  3. Artodia: free quality phpBB styles (0/2111) / 0
    Free high quality phpBB styles (updated for phpBB 3.0.10). Elegant phpBB styles and Deluxe phpBB styles available for download. Mobile phpBB styles are designed for mobile devices. Tutorials explain how to modify phpBB styles: add menu, sidebar, move blocks around etc.
    [A broken link]

  4. Free PhpBB Templates, Themes and Styles from themesBase.com (0/1993) / 0
    Free phpBB Templates (phpBB2 and phpBB3 compatible).
    [A broken link]

  5. phpBB3 Styles, Free Themes, Templates from phpBB3styles.net (0/1847) / 0
    The best collection of phpBB3 Styles for the phpBB3 forum software. Hundreds of free phpBB3 Styles, Themes, Templates and Imagesets are available for download in our Styles Demo or Styles Database.
    [A broken link]

  6. PHPbb Styles, PHPbb Themes - PHPbb Templates (0/1722) / 0
    We offer you a lot of different and good looking phpbb styles and themes for phpbb forums. phpbb-styles.com provides you phpbb templates for phpbb2 and also for phpbb3. Spice up your forum with a phpbb style from phpbb-styles.com
    [A broken link]

  7. Free PHPbb themes site (0/1693) / 0
    Free phpBB templates for your forum. Download and use for free this phpBB themes in any personal or commercial forum.
    [A broken link]

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