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Only free themes, free templates, free layouts for websites, CMS - HTML templates, free logo templates, free wordpress themes, free Drupal templates, free PLD themes etc.AdSense Ready WP Themes(2)
Only free themes, free templates, free layouts for websites, CMS - HTML templates, free logo templates, free wordpress themes, free Drupal templates, free PLD themes etc.Russian WP Themes(1)

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  1. 100+ Free WordPress Templates (0/1155) / 0
    Lots of free quality WP themes like GamaZine (Gaming), FollowMe, Rounded, Curtains Up, City Bridge, CoffieCup etc.
    [A broken link]

  2. A new Clean Wordpress Theme for Download - Fountain Pen. (0/1381) / 0
    We have just lunched with the help of our team members a new wordpress theme - Fountain Pen. The theme is clean, featuring gravatars and is widget friendly. Also the theme has nice colors making the reading a pleasure.
    [A broken link]

  3. Amazing WordPress Themes from Zinruss.com (0/3835) / 0
    Select free WP templates by categories: 2 columns (286), 3 columns (53), Adsence ready (238), Black (215), Blue (95), Brown (81), Fixed width (336), Fluid width (1), Gray (100), Green (97), Left sidebar (109), Orange (102), Pink (31), Red (79), Right sidebar (233), Rounded corners (75), Salmon (14), Violet (17), White (267), Widget ready (192) , Yellow (107).
    [A broken link]

  4. Free Adsense Ready Wordpress Theme - PublisherSense (0/1190) / 0
    We are excited to introduce our very first Wordpress theme that is Google Adsense (& advertising in general) optimized. The design is suitable for various types of websites and easy to customize.
    [A broken link]

  5. Free Quality Wordpress themes (0/3288) / 0
    Excellent design work, and there are so many quality WP themes like Ekologic Wordpress Theme, Pro DJ Wordpress Theme, Style Vision Wordpress Theme, Momentum Wordpress Theme, Red Batik Wordpress Theme, The Love Journey Wordpress Theme, AmericanFootball Wordpress Theme, MagLite Wordpress Theme, ProWebb Wordpress Theme, LazyLama Wordpress Theme and more!
    [A broken link]

  6. Free Wordpress Theme from CustomWeb2 (0/1288) / 0
    Check out our first FREE template. The Cw2 Blogging theme is a full featured theme - all the features you would expect in a commercial theme! We want to show everybody what they can expect from the family of CustomWeb2 themes and this is the best way to showcase our themes. The features: 1. Full widget support for sidebar shown above on right side. 2. Displayed images can be cropped to Thumbnails to be displayed in the Homepage and in the Post pages. 3. Ability to feature Posts, Categories and even Video (show above). 4. Built in Post Pages: Related Articles, Social Bookmarks and Tags. 5. Built in Contact Page, Archive, Links. 6. Built in support for RSS via FeedBurner shown above. 7. Quickly Customize the color with Skin Switcher and a choice of 5 pre-defined colors blogger-5-color. 8. Gravatar Ready. 9. Google Adsense and banner Advertisements Ready (250250, 300250 and 125125 banner ads) show above. 10. Comment Features - Threaded comments available; Author comments highlighted. 11. 404 Error Page, Custom Search Result Page. 12. Sidebar options can be customized (Enable / Disable) and positioned (left/right). 13. Logo at the Header, Footer Profile can be customized (Enable / Disable).
    [A broken link]

  7. Free Wordpress Themes from Unrealmedia.co.uk (0/1072) / 0
    Many very professional looking Free Wordpress Theme like Notepad Chaos, Agregado, Cellar Heat etc.
    [A broken link]

  8. Free Wordpress Web2.0 Themes (0/1556) / 0
    Download More than 400 Free Wordpress Themes, all with Web2.0 Interface, Widgets Ready and much More Features.
    [A broken link]

  9. ProSense, an Adsense Ready wordpress theme (0/1464) / 0
    Great WP theme with such features as customizable header, which allows you to easily insert and change images, and addition of a centralized options file which allows fast Adsense code and color scheme switching. This enables you to change theme colors and remove or insert Adsense codes through a single theme file. Customized Google Adsense search may be integrated to replace the default WP search function.
    [A broken link]

  10. Wordpress Supplies (0/1135) / 0
    Download Free Wordpress Themes, HTML & CSS Templates. Categories: Agriculture, Animals Pets, Architecture, Art Photography, ArtWorks, Beauty, Books, Business, Cars, Charity, Communications, Computers, Dating, Dining, Education, Electronics, Entertainment, Exterior Design, Family, Fashion, Holidays, Flowers, Food Drink, Forums, Games, Gifts, Hosting, Hotels, Industrial, Interior Design, Furniture, Internet, Jewelry, Law, Media, Medical, Military, Music Neutral, Night Club, Online Gaming, Personal Pages, Politics, Portal, Real Estate, Religious, Science, Security, Society Culture, Software, Sports, Transportation, Travel, Web Design, Wedding.
    [A broken link]

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